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  • 1.  Hiring a locum

    Posted 02-23-2022 14:27
    We have used a locum several times, when he works we bill under the physician he is covering.  We are considering hiring the locum and to do this we would need to credential with all payors.

    We were told once an application to credential a provider is submitted, he could no longer work as a locum and bill under the provider he is covering.  Does anyone have any experience with or know any specific on this?

    Thanks, Kevin Ordway

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  • 2.  RE: Hiring a locum

    Posted 02-23-2022 14:42

    I may be wrong but we always based it on the provider's hire/contract date.

    If you have the provider scheduled to work as locums (he is truly covering for an absent provider) and he or the company he is contracted thru is being paid as a locums then we bill as a locums.


    Once he becomes an on staff provider then he is no longer a locums so If his date to become an employee is say June 1st then any services on or after June 1st would be billed under his name and NPI and not as a locums.





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  • 3.  RE: Hiring a locum

    Posted 02-23-2022 15:05
    Agree with Rick's reply. Be careful about locums versus independent contractor as it could possibly affect your malpractice coverage if you aren't using them appropriately. As Rick mentioned, a true locums is a short-term stand-in for an absent radiologist you employ. If you are regularly scheduling the physician as part of your rotation, then this is an independent contractor and not a locums. An independent contractor is billed under their own NPI, whereas a locums uses the coverage of the rad they are covering for. Make sure you have a formal agreement for any independent contractor with the starting date of that arrangement. And always notify your malpractice broker regardless of status so that they can remain on the same page with the staff you are using, whether locums or IC. Many facilities will want a certificate of coverage, even for a true locums, and your malpractice broker can get that for you if desired. A true locums can also not work for your group more than 60 days in a calendar year, or so I'm told by my malpractice broker.

    Anthony Dispenziere
    Reno Radiological Associates