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  • 1.  Shift Valuation

    Posted 11-01-2018 13:34

    Our group is evolving in size and specialty where we may need to consider assigning a point value or weight to the various shifts assigned to our radiologists.  For example, as our need for evening shift support has increased, we are hiring specifically to fill this unique need and as result placing additional volume of these shifts on a subset of the overall team. 

    Historically the group has worked under the model of each MD receiving an equal number of off hours shifts (evening, nights, etc.) but with us now moving away from this, it makes us want to consider ways of valuing shifts to allow us to continue with a relatively equal share in the workload.

    I'm curious if anyone is currently using a point value for shifts and if so what value did you end up assigning or what data or criteria did you use to decide what a shift was 'worth'.  Simple supply and demand, workload average per shift?  The shifts we are looking at would be:

     - IR Call
     - Evening Shifts (i.e. 3-11)
     - Weekend Day
     - Weekend Evening

    Thank you!

    Joshua Dorsey
    Chief Executive Officer
    Radiology Associates of Northern Kentucky
    Crestview Hills KY

  • 2.  RE: Shift Valuation

    Posted 11-01-2018 13:48

    Effective 1/1/19, we will be valuing evening, weekend and holiday shifts at 1.2, where a traditional weekday shift is 1.0.  There is also a time differential: day shifts are 9.5 hours, evening shifts are 8 hours.

    Our IR call shifts will be valued at 0.3 weeknight, and 0.5 weekend/holiday.

    David Smith FACMPE
    Executive Director
    United Imaging Consultants
    Mission KS
    (785) 393-8387