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RBMA's IT Task Force: Sharing CDS Related Information

  • 1.  RBMA's IT Task Force: Sharing CDS Related Information

    Posted 03-30-2018 12:30

    Here is a link to a LinkedIn article I posted on March 15th.  I also shared it on several LinkedIn Group pages, including RBMA's and IHE Radiology's pages, among others.  Nothing earth-shattering; just a reminder to take this seriously and being working with your IT staff and vendors so everyone involves understands what the challenges will be and start planning meet them.   


    Title: Clinical Decision Support – Order Appropriateness Tracking Profile (CDS-OAT)


    Sub-title: Prepare Today So You Will Be Paid Tomorrow – Will Your System Vendors Be Ready? 


    RBMA's IT Task Force is working to share relevant IT-related information with RBMA's membership.  This is just one example. You can expect to see more IHE related articles from me as the current IHE Radiology Planning Committee Co-chair. 


    IHE is an international organization whose purpose is to foster interoperability solutions.  Many of the functionalities we take for granted today came from IHE.  RBMA is a member organization. 

    IHE Radiology is finalizing our newest profiles and will be entering the selection phase for selecting the next ones. 


    Michael Bohl, COO

    Radiology Group, PC, SC