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  • 1.  Coding Audits

    Posted 05-07-2024 11:06

    We are looking for information about firms that do coding audits – who do you use?  Also, do you use them for ongoing quality assurance as well?






        John E. Pugh

     P: 609.644.4479

     F: 609.503.2476

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  • 2.  RE: Coding Audits

    Posted 05-07-2024 16:26

    Hi John,

    We at Radiology Matters offer both of these services. I sent you a DM with more info.


    Janinne Walker
    Senior VP Business Development & Sales
    Radiology Matters
    Maple Valley WA

  • 3.  RE: Coding Audits

    Posted 05-08-2024 15:20

    We have used RCCS (formerly Coding Strategies) for years and continue to do so. I have added their information below.

    t. 512.583.2000 |  <u5:p></u5:p>

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    Revenue Cycle | Coding Strategies


    Regents Consulting | Analysis & Review


    Custom Services | Education & Resources

    Celebrating 25 years! Become a part of our story and discover more at

    <u5:p> </u5:p>

    Senior Vice President, Client Services
    MSN Healthcare Solutions
    Covington GA
    (770) 815-4650