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  • 1.  IDTF

    Posted 29 days ago

    Good Morning and Happy Friday!

    We are a IDTF and I have a billing question.   On the 1500's do you put the facility name in box 31, or do you use the medical director?

    we have always put the medical director's information in that box, but we are going to new software and they are saying that the Clinic name should also be in that box.    We do bill for the TC AND THE PROFESSIONAL!   Then we turn around and pay the radiologist group for the services through a separate contract.  Of course, they do not bill any insurance related to PET.  

    Thank you all so very much in advance. We want to start out on the right foot with the new system!  

    Shana Long
    Reimbursement Manager
    Biomedical Research Foundation
    Shreveport LA